Tech Days

Tech Days 2020, September 23 - 24

We transformed our annual event from workshops to webinars, so you could learn from experts without having to travel!

Tech Days 2020 was a series of 4 webinars over 2 days, and when you go to our Resources page you'll find each session's ...

  • captioned recordings
  • slides
  • handouts
  • CE activity report forms

Tech Days 2020 included these sessions:

  • Change is a Constant: Technology, Service, and Constant Change, by Emily Clasper
  • Mind the Gap: How to Navigate Your Way Across the Digital Divide (And Why That Isn't As Easy As It Sounds), by Kris Turner
  • Productivity and Technology, by Kris Turner
  • Technology Training for Non-Techies, by Emily Clasper

There was no charge to attend Tech Days webinars, thanks to sponsorship by all 16 library systems and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Public Library Development Team, with funding support from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.